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Speed Wink


Posted by lennongurl97 on 2009.05.18 at 09:54
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Would you like to be an affiliate of csi_episodic100? Just leave a comment here with your commmunity link and we'll add ya!


Ryan Blue

Hall of Fame

Posted by lennongurl97 on 2009.05.18 at 09:23
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You did it! Post here to let me know you finished your challenge and I'll post it and get a banner to you!

Speed Wink


Posted by lennongurl97 on 2009.05.18 at 09:19
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To claim please do the following:

1. Check to see if your subject has already been claimed for the time being. If your subject is already taken, you may not apply for it until it is freedup once more. You may however claim it on the Waiting/Wish List and your claim will be given priority when the subject frees up. Subjects are on a first-come, first-served basis.

2. If for some reason, you can no longer complete your icons and would like to give up your subject, please let your mod know.

3. You are only allowed to claim the following: episodes of any season from CSI: LV, CSI: Miami, or CSI: NY.

4. You must submit your application by commenting to this post with the following information:

Name of TV Series:
Episode (incl. ep number&titel)/season: (
Your Username: (the one you will be posting under...I'm only going to grant access to one username per person)
Number of icons: (50 or 100)

Once your application has been approved, your subject will be listed here along with the date your icons are due (1 1/2 monts for 50 or 3 months for 100 icons starting with your claim), and you may then begin to post your icons to the community.